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North American Wildflower Mix

To create a beautiful meadow, you should carefully prepare the area to be seeded, sow seed evenly and thinly, cover lightly, and keep moist. In a comparative planting of a number of wildflower mixes, this one definitely seemed the best. It is equally split between perennials and annuals that should self-seed. This mix includes: Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Candytuft, Siberian Wallflower, California Poppy, Purple Coneflower, Baby's Breath, Scarlet Flax, Lupine, Coreopsis, Dwarf Blue Cornflower, Blue Flax, Tree Mallow, Gaillardia, Sweet William, Shasta Daisy, Dwarf Snapdragons, Corn Poppy, Mexican Hat, and Rudbeckia Blk-Eyed Susan. Plants @ 100 square feet. 700 seeds