Neptune's Harvest Tomato and Veg 2-4-2 (Pint)

$ 17.95

Introducing Neptune’s Harvest Tomato & Veg Formula 2-4-2. This is a perfect complete fertilizer for your tomatoes, vegetables, and more. Made from fresh fish, seaweed, molasses, yucca extract and humic acids.  This formula was uniquely designed for plants with intense growth or “vegging” stages. Growers using the Tomato & Veg Formula have seen increased stalk/stem mass resulting in higher yields. In addition, Tomato & Veg provides necessary nutrients to keep your plants vigorous with strong root zones and lush foliage. Therefore, increasing the plants’ tolerance to various diseases, temperature and drought. Application rate: 1 oz. liquid concentrate per gallon water, every 1-2 weeks. One pint makes approximately 16 gallons.
For best results: Tomato & Veg Formula should be used in combination with Rose & Flowering Formula as described below, but can be used alone.
Part 1: Tomato & Veg during the vegging stage of the plant.
Part 2: Rose & Flowering once buds begin to appear, when flowering begins. (see SKU H335P)