Mole Scram

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Developed by the same company as Deer Scram (H464), this product has proven to be the best remedy to deter and eliminate mole activity. This organic repellent contains more active ingredients than other brands, and faster acting too. Comprised of peanut hulls, caster oil, citronella oil and garlic oil it works in many ways to eliminate moles. The caster oil coats worms, grubs and bugs, the moles primary source of food, giving a bad taste that makes it hard for them to digest. The smell is too strong for them, but mild to us, making the mole tunnel areas bad smelling to them. The garlic oil and citronella reduce insect activity, thus less food available for the moles. Just imagine no more disfigured lawns, 100% biodegradable and effective for all seasons and wont hurt animals. The convenient granules require no mixing or spraying. Watering or rainfall is the key to activating as it draws the active oils from the granules into the soil. Application is 1 pound per 650 sq.ft. so this 4.5 pound shaker container will protect approximately 3375 sq. ft.