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Product Number: 6801


Germ 6-14 days
A nantes type baby carrot packed full of sweet and tender flavor. Sow into containers, raised beds or straight up in the garden and harvest the roots at 3-5”. Scrub the roots, remove foliage and roast whole for a spring time feast. 300 seeds



Outdoors- Early spring, a few weeks before last frost until mid summer. Sow lightly, 1/4” deep, with soil temperature 50-80 degrees. The cooler the soil the longer it takes for germination, up to 3 weeks. The soil moisture should be maintained regularly until germination. Thin to 1-3” apart.

Harvest– Start when carrots reach finger size for baby carrots or when they turn to a bright orange. Late season carrots hold longer and become sweeter in the cooler weather.

Tips- Use a row cover helps to maintain moisture for germination. Carrots prefer a loose soil, free of rubble. If your soil is heavy with clay, use the shorter varieties. Keep well weeded and cover any exposed carrot with soil to prevent greening.

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