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Product Number: 13401

Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber (75 days)

Germ 6-10 days
(Melothria scabra)
You can’t help but fall in love with these diminutive watermelon looking fruits; they are fun, interesting to grow and they have the tiniest, dainty flowers. Crunch into them and they have a cucumber like taste with a lemony-lime burst. Easy to grow, having rampant vines, best grown on a trellis or in hanging baskets and easily ignored by pests. Harvest when they are smaller than a grape; the bigger they get the more sour citrus flavor they get. Eat them raw as a snack and in salads or preserve by pickling. Native to central America and also known as mouse melon, sandita, cucamelon. 25 seeds

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    So prolific

    We germinated our seeds inside and they didn't seem to like being transplanted. The frail vines sort of dried up and I thought all was lost. Before I got a chance to replant directly in the ground I noticed new growth. A month or so later they've covered a 5x6 trellis and I can pick ten or more a day from these two plants. This vine could double as a privacy wall on a porch or something haha. My boyfriend is a huge fan of them raw, but I'm more interested to try pickling them.


    Huge vines and lots of fruit-finally!

    This was my third year growing these. The first two I struck out, but this year I gave them extra nitrogen and they took off. I had great germination rates with indoor lights and some foil wrapped around the lights to keep in heat and humidity. The vines are big enough that they are threatening other plants in my raised beds and need to be cut back, and I get loads of fruit- I pick them by the handfuls. Make sure to feed them well and give them room. They'd probably be happier on a south-facing fence than on my trellis.

    Sharon N.
    United States

    Vegetable seeds

    They germinated nicely but did not successfully transplant. However, I will try them again.


    Five Stars with a Caveat

    I started 5 seeds in pots in the house. Only two germinated, so I tried again. None of the subsequent seeds germinated, BUT holy cow did I get a ton of fruit off the two plants that made it! I have pickled 5 quarts using brine fermentation process with dill and garlic and they are so good! Kinda glad no more grew! No pests, no disease, they are still going strong in my garden (Northern Vermont) and it's the third week in September! Will definitely grow these again!

    Heather Cox

    Yummy and fun to grow

    The description pretty much says it all and is accurate. Very tasty little fruits, cool and refreshing to eat- just as you'd expect from a lemony-cucumber bite. Kids get a kick out of them, jaded grownups find them remarkable. They make a cute and tasty addition to any fruit and veggie platter for family gatherings, parties, early school year lunch boxes.... They seem to store well though we mostly ate them right off the vines. I've been told they take well to being lacto-fermented which i plan to try this season. The first time i tried growing them i had maybe 4 plants.... i'm going to double or triple that now.

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