Nematode Control Marigold

$ 7.95

Root-knot nematodes are common pests of many vegetables and flowers. Marigolds can be effective against them as a trap crop by planting them as a cover crop and then tilling them into the soil as green manure. In areas with short growing seasons, they should be planted in the previous season or 3-4 months before planting vegetable crops. Sow 1oz. per 1000sq. ft. 

1 ounce


Tagetes patula


Germination: 7-10 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-75ºF.

Seed Planting Depth: Sow on the surface and lightly cover

Sowing Outdoors: Starting a week or two before the last frost date into early summer 

Growth Habit: Upright 

Height and Width: 36-40” x 18-24”

Spacing: 8-15" apart

Light Needs:  Full sun

Soil Needs:  Average, well-drained soil

Approximate days to flower from seed: 60-70 days

Uses: Flower beds, containers, and planters