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Also known as ‘Hen of the Woods’, this delicious mushroom is heralded in Asian medicine as a powerful immune stimulator. The Maitake grows prolifically on oaks throughout the temperate regions of eastern North America but can also grow on elm and maple. Fruitings most frequently arise at or near the stump/soil interface.  “Two or three years will often pass before fruitings occur with the plug. Only 1-2 weeks need to pass for fruiting with the patch. Fruiting temperature 50-70 *F”.


Patches arrive in a bag filled with colonized sawdust and woodchips specific to the growing needs of each mushroom variety. Simple instructions lead you step by step through the growing process. Soon, you will be enjoying fresh mushrooms from your kitchen.


LIVE ITEM: must be started within 20 days of receipt.


Freezing is harmful to most Mushroom Patches. If shipping a Mushroom Patch to a location that is experiencing extreme cold, arrange for the package to be brought inside within several hours of delivery.
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