Mache Greens (60 Days)

$ 1.95

The Mache Greens, also known as Cornsalad, is a member of the Valerian family and is very popular in France. Its fine, nutty taste enhances any salad. It is very cold tolerant, so it’s a great early or late season green. This is the French Mache – see also Macholong - a Dutch variety. 

300 seeds



Valerianella locusta

Germination: 10-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 45-65ºF. Soil temperatures above 68ºF inhibits germination.

Seed Sowing Depth: 1/8 inch deep

Sowing Outdoors: Spring when soil temperature reaches 45ºF.  Sow again in late summer, fall, and early winter (greenhouse or using cold frames) when soil temperature falls below 68ºF. Sow 1” apart, thin to 4-6”. Keep soil moist during germination. 

How much does a packet plant: 20 foot single row  

Harvest: Cut whole heads when they are 2-3" tall 

Tips:  Plant Mache Greens in fertile, well drained soil. Amend with compost before planting if needed. Provide adequate, even moisture for the best growth. If you live in  zones 6 and above you can grow Mache Greens through the winter.