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Luffa Scrubber - Tabasco Bottle ***Sold Out***

Naturally grown and processed by farmers in developing countries around the world these luffa scrubbers are not only whimsical and functional but also support impoverished farmers and their families as well as saving the land from ecological erosion. Because of their long and finer textured fibers they are the strongest, most resilient and pliable natural cleaners on the market - outlasting most other scrubbers. Gentle enough to scrub fruits, vegetables and tough enough to clean dirty dishes and pots and pans. The non-scratch fibers are safe to use on wood, glass, plastics, vinyl, canvas, rubber, aluminum, copper, counters, stove tops, microwave ovens, etc. Comprised of 100% natural luffa and dyed with 100% natural dye coloring, just rinse, squeeze and hang to air dry.
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