Lion's Mane Mushroom Outdoor Log Growing Kit

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Choose when you want them! Ordering a log kit with a voucher allows you to redeem your plug spawn at a later date. Vouchers make a great gift and are good for projects beyond a 3 month start date. Simply go online to order at your convenience for the freshest plug spawn. Plug spawn is ideal for small projects of 1-10 logs. Made in Maine.

Each outdoor voucher kit voucher contains:

A drill bit
Log sealing wax
A wax applicator
100 count plug spawn voucher
Instruction guide

(Hericium erinaceusA nutritious medicinal mushroom that produces plump white clusters with icicle-like teeth. When cooked, it has a consistency and flavor similar to crab meat. Though slightly harder to get flushes than oysters or shiitake, they are still a great outdoor mushroom for intermediate growers. They colonize quickly and are relatively reliable producers. Tree species to use for log inoculation:

Best wood species- beech hornbeam, hard maple

Suitable species- alder, aspen, cherry, chestnut, elm, soft maple, oaks, sweetgum, and mulberry