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LENTILS (100 days)- Discontinued

Germ 10-15 days
An ancient crop and cousin of the bean, lentils have been growing over 8500 years. The pods will have 1-2 lentils each, which you keep on the plant until brown and dried. You use them like dried beans and peas or harvest the green pods after 70 days or so and use like snap beans. Tolerates an early cool spring, a light frost and needs rich soil with good drainage. They grow 20 inches tall or more with good soil. Plant early, 1/2”-3/4” deep. See website for complete planting instructions. 75 seeds


Indoors- Can be started indoors 3 weeks before last frost
Outdoors- Sow 1/2”; deep , 2-4”; apart, 1-2 weeks before the last frost. Space rows 18-24”; apart
Harvest- When pods are matured and hardened, about 90-110 days after planting or use whole pods fresh like peas, 70-80 days after planting. Stop watering plants when pods start to dry. Keep pods unshelled until use.
Tips- thin plants 4-6”; apart when they reach 6”; in height. Support plants with a low trellis to keep good airflow around them. Side dress plants at 6-12” and when they begin to flower.