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Product Number: L391

Late Summer Flowers

By Marina Christopher. Marina Christopher holds a degree in botany and marine biology from the University of North Wales and did post graduate work at Oxford before working in various nurseries, and then setting up her own, Firecrest Nursery. With today's soaring prices we want to get as much as we can out of everything, and with our gardens we can do that and enjoy a longer season as well. Marina gives us a guide to the best late flowering perennials, (and a few biennials and annuals) and how you can creat the best growing conditions for them. She also includes some cunning tricks to persuade earlier flowering perennials to delay their performance until late summer early fall, or better yet, to repeat them. She also offers her own professional tips and techniques for successful propagaton. This wonderfully informative guide is illustrated with specially commissioned photography by Steven Wooster. Hardcover 208 pp Pub at $29.95
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