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KOSSACK KOHLRABI (F1 hybrid 60 days)

Germ 7-10 days
This giant kohlrabi can reach the size of a bowling ball, & still remain quite tender. Skin is light green with white sweet flesh. Leaves can be eaten like collard greens. Will store a month or more in the refrigerator or root cellar. 40 seeds


Outdoors- Early spring, 1/4” deep 2-4” apart with soil temps 55 degrees. Mid/ Late summer sowing for fall harvest

Harvest- The spring plantings under 2” for the most tender and sweet bulbs. Fall plantings can survive frosts and can be harvested when they are larger.

Tips- Grows best in the cooler weather of spring and late summer. Summer heat makes the bulbs woody and dry. Provide fertilizer and adequate moisture for optimum growth.

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