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King of the Garden Pole Lima Bean (85 days, Heirloom)

Germ 7-18 days
Heirloom 1883
Bred as an improvement for both earliness and size. The vigorous climber has 4-6 large, creamy limas per pod. Produces over a long period—until frost. The 1936 James Vicks catalog states, “this standard pole bean is as popular as ever today”. Even then it was considered an old timer. 30 seeds


Outside- Bush type: 1” deep and 4-6” apart with soil temperatures above 60 degrees and after the last frost. Planting under 60 degrees results in poor germination. Pole type: Plant 1” deep and 3- 4” apart for trellis/pole growth. Drying type: 1” deep and 5-6” apart. Leave beans on the plant until the leaves are falling and pods are dry and withered

Harvest- Before the seeds bulge and beans snap easily. Pick continually to prolong production.

Tips- Water well during hot dry period and do not over fertilize which results in a surplus of foliage and low, delayed pod growth. Adding inoculant at planting time aids in a larger harvest and more robust plants. Plant seeds every 2-3 weeks for continual harvest throughout the summer.

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    Rebecca W.
    United States

    Great Seed

    My family has been planting King Of The Garden Pole Limas for 4 generations. Every one of my seeds came up and is vigorously growing.

    Cheryl L.

    Prolific Producer!

    I had never grown pole limas myself before - this was my first year. WOW!! From one packet of seeds, we were able to harvest over 30# of shelled beans! We will definitely be growing these again

    Claudia C.

    Excellent dried bean

    I've grown these for a number of years, always as a drying bean. I imagine they'd be good fresh as well but my trellises always turn into a jungle by mid-July and look too formidable to hunt for full pods. I cut the vines off at the root in mid-September and let the pods dry on the vines -- and then I can see them when the leaves die back!