Just My Size Kids Collection

$ 15.50
We put together this collection of fun-loving varieties to entice kids into the garden and get their hands dirty. They can learn hands-on how to sow seeds, care for the plants, harvest their bounties, and discover how vegetables grow. Let's teach kids about growing seeds into healthy food they can eat and create the next generation of future gardeners.

 A sweet collection of fun-sized veggies to get kids excited about getting out in the garden!

Rattlesnake Pole Bean

 Spookie Pumpkin

Snak Hero Snap Pea

 Dragon's Egg Cucumber

Dragon Carrot

Giant Gray Striped Sunflower

Perfect as a gift! Or take the guesswork out of starting a specialty garden! These carefully curated selections come attractively packaged in a decoratively wrapped recyclable box with each of the seeds listed, and an instructional insert with plenty of growing tips. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you! Contents may vary slightly based on product availability.