Jumpstart Grow Light System with Timer (2 FT)

$ 99.95

Upgraded light system now features a timer with 12 and 18 hour set points. Just as the name implies, this is the ideal way to get your seedlings started without them getting too leggy being stuck by a nearby window. This sleek, adjustable, sturdy frame is simple and quick to assemble. No more hauling those oversized shop lights from the garage and finding ways to hang it, let alone finding ways to adjust the height of the light often. This lighting system is carefree to operate. A toggle clamp on the frame can make your adjustments accordingly and easily just by the pull of the cord. The 24 watt bulb has a high output with a full daylight spectrum that is over 2 times more efficient and offers 20% more light intensity than ordinary grow lights all contained in a reflective fixture that directs more lights to your plants. Comes with a 6' grounded cord with an on/off switch. It couldn't get any easier! Measures: 24" H. x 18" W. x 26" L.

Shipping & Handling Item Surcharge: $3.95