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Product Number: 27707

Jimmy Nardello (80 days,Heirloom)


Caspsicum annuum


A Sweet Italian frying pepper with a long history. Originally from Basilicata, a southern region of Italy, this pepper seed was brought to Connecticut in the late 1800s by the Nardello family and saved for years by their son Jimmy who passed the seed along in the early 1980s. Over 120 years later it has become a favorite of home gardeners and chefs for its rich, complex fruity flavor and history. Easy to grow, throwing out loads of peppers that turn bright red. Historically, they were also dried by threading them through the stems and hung up for use during the winter.             

20 seeds  



Germination: 10-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 75-85 degrees F. Cooler soil temperatures increase germination time.

Seed Sowing Depth: ¼” deep

Starting Indoors:  8-10 weeks before last frost. Sow in flats/cells/pots. Provide 75-85 degrees F soil temperatures. Fertilize the seedlings every 7-10 days with a liquid or water soluble fertilizer (diluted to ¼ of suggested measurement). Transplant seedlings 18-20” apart after last frost.

How much does a packet plant: 20-25 foot single row  

Harvest: Using a sharp instrument to cut the peppers from the plant. Pick the first fruits when they reach usable size, this helps accelerate the growth of the other peppers on the plant. Leave some on to mature, to color and sweeten up.

Tips: Pinch off early flowers or tiny fruit on any seedlings before placing them in the ground. Plant in fertile, well composted soil. It helps to use row cover early in the season giving the plants extra warmth, especially in the north. Side dress when flowers begin to form.

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Victoria K.
United States

Jimmy Nardello peppers

Vigorous seedlings - still inside. Have had same variety from different vendor and much smaller than yours - planted same day.Hopeful for outdoors!

Forest Grove, Oregon

If you only grow one sweet pepper....

Seriously, grow Jimmy Nardello. I'd seen it raved about in gardening groups, and figured it was probably a very nice pepper, but certainly not all they were saying. Well, it's everything they were saying, and more. Unbelievably prolific, wonderfully sweet, reliably turns red, even in Oregon summers -- it's the perfect pepper. I take them and cut them into rings and freeze them to add them to stir-fries or stews the rest of the year. Legendary, and definitely worthy of its reputation!

Dave Salamone
Indianapolis, IN

Jimmy Nardello Pepper

I have been growing Jimmy Nardello Peppers for at least 8-years. They are an Italian Variety within a 100 miles or so of Naples, Italy. They are a sweet pepper and delicious on a good year they at quite productive you might get 20 or so peppers a plant. They get about 6" long and 1-1/8" in diameter at the stem. They turn a beautiful glossy red/green color when they ripen. They are dependable and easy to grow.

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