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A native of Central and South America. Produces an edible, fleshy root with a mildly sweet, crisp and crunchy texture having a consistency like a water chestnut. This is a vigorous climbing vining in the legume family and requires a long growing season, 5 months plus and should be started indoors in the north. The seed pods, leaves, stems and flowers are toxic. 25 seeds    Pachyrrhizus Erosus


Indoors – Start indoors in most areas, except extreme south. Start 8-12 weeks before your last frost. Soak seeds in water overnight and plant 1” deep. Place in a warm area , soil temps at least 65-70 degrees. Transplant out after first frost in full sun.

Outdoors- only in very southern climates

Harvest- Harvest at the time of first frost when the vines die back or leave in the ground as long as possible by providing protection from freezing.

Tip -  Keep plants pruned down to 3-5 feet and remove flowers for best production

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