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JADE CROSS Brussels Sprouts (107 days F1 hybrid)

Germ 3-10 days
1959 All America Winner, about 2 1/2’ tall at maturity. Sprouts are borne all the way up the stalk and are good sized. Flavor is excellent and yield very abundant. Rated one of the dozen top vegetable introductions by a panel of experts. 30 seeds


Indoors - 1/4” deep, 4-6 weeks before transplanting out. Seed into cell trays or small pots. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Transplant 18-24” apart.

Outdoors- Mid to late spring 1/4” deep and 18-24” apart.

Harvest- Start picking from bottom up, when they are firm and 1” across, cutting off the leaf below the sprout.

To harvest all the sprouts at once cut off the top of the stalk 4-8 weeks before you want to harvest or when lower sprouts reach 1/2” in size.

Tips- A heavy feeder- transplant/direct seed into well composted soil and side dress a few times during the season. The best and sweetest Brussels sprouts are harvested after going through a few frosts.

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