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Product Number: 2802

Jacob's Cattle Gold Bush Dried Bean (80 Days)

Germ 4-10 days
Edible green pods when very young and the exceptional cooking qualities of Jacobs Cattle come out after beans mature. Pods hold 6-8 dark golden seeds, speckled with white blotches. Used fresh or dried they soak up the flavors of soups, stews, and baked dishes. Bush type. 75 seeds





Outside- Bush type: 1” deep and 4-6” apart with soil temperatures above 60 degrees and after the last frost. Planting under 60 degrees results in poor germination. Pole type: Plant 1” deep and 3- 4” apart for trellis/pole growth. Drying type: 1” deep and 5-6” apart. Leave beans on the plant until the leaves are falling and pods are dry and withered

Harvest- Before the seeds bulge and beans snap easily. Pick continually to prolong production.

Tips- Water well during hot dry period and do not over fertilize which results in a surplus of foliage and low, delayed pod growth. Adding inoculant at planting time aids in a larger harvest and more robust plants. Plant seeds every 2-3 weeks for continual harvest throughout the summer.

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See's Victory Gardens

Great Bean

Grows well and is great in chili.

Claudia C.

Nice drying bean

Have never eaten these fresh, but they're a flavorful dried bean. I plant them in odd spots in the garden for their pretty foliage and let the pods dry and leaves whither. Dried Jacob's Cattle beans seem to be pricey in stores (if you can find them) so these are a treat to cook with over the winter. Four stars because they're not exceptionally prolific.

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