Imperial Star Artichoke (90 days)

This artichoke was bred as an annual even in our northern climate. To force artichokes as an annual, germinate at warm temperatures and keep them warm until they produce their second set of leaves. Then move them to a cool place (above freezing) until set out in May. This tricks them into thinking they have gone through a winter and they will produce like a 2 year old plant. The flavor of fresh artichokes is superior to anything you will find in the store. 12 seeds.




Germination- 10-18 days

Indoors - 8-12 weeks before last frost 1/4” deep in 4” pots with soil temperatures 65-75 degrees. Before transplanting outside, a vernalization is required for growing in the north (zone 6 and below) to induce first year bud formation. Set the seedlings out for 10 days at temperatures of 45-50 degrees. Sow seeds in the fall if you live in zone 7 and above. Transplant at 3-4 feet apart ,after danger of frost has passed, into rows amended with lots of compost or aged manure

Harvest - just below the bud when they are firm and still closed

Tips - Artichokes are heavy feeders so fertilize well from the early stages of growth.


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