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Product Number: 21702

ICEBERG LETTUCE (Heirloom)-Discontinued

Germ 4-10 days
Heirloom 1894
Don’t think what goes by the generic term “Iceberg” in the supermarket. Per 1936 James Vick seeds, “A curled heading plant of medium size and wavy fringed leaves, which enclose a white, tender heart.” 500 seeds.


Indoors- 3-4 weeks before planting outside. Sow 1/4” deep in cells with soil temps 55-70 degrees. Transplant out 8-12” apart.

Outdoors- Sow 1/4” “deep, 1” apart. Thin to 6-12”, depending on the size of lettuce you want from baby to full heads. Keep moist during germination.

Harvest- cut whole head at base or individual leaves before lettuce starts to bolts and becomes bitter in the heat and long days summer.

Tips- Plant into fertile soil with lots of organic matter and adequate water for optimum growth. Sow heavy seeded rows every 10-14 days for baby greens using the 1 oz. Pinetree Lettuce Mix for a season long supply of lettuce.

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