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HOW TO DRY FOODS (Discontinued)

Deanna, a pioneer in home food dehydration is considered a national expert in the field. She gives you step-by-step instructions on how to dry a wide variety of foods, updated information about equipment and techniques, more than 100 delicious recipes, helpful charts for at-a-glance reference, food safety tips, storage, reconstituting dried fruits and vegetables and clever crafts made from dried foods. This shows the most economical, simple, nutritious, and flavorful methods to save the products of your garden or farm, including all kinds of fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, fish and meats. Includes history and advantages of drying, different drying processes, which foods dry best, whether excellent, good, fair, only in combination or not recommended. It is the only book you’ll need to master this age-old culinary tradition.

Softcover - 209pp