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Germ 14-21 day
Heirloom 1850
Also known as Guernsey. Per 1936 D. M. Ferry: “An excellent variety for the table. The roots are long with smooth white skin, uniform in shape, tender, and of the best quality. The variety is easily distinguished by the leaves growing from the depression on top of the crown of the root.” 250 seeds


Outdoors- 1/2” deep, 1/2” apart in early spring with soil temperature at least 55 degrees. Slow to germinate and it is very important that they be kept moist for best germination. Thin to 2” apart.

Harvest- The flavor is best after a few frosts. Leave them in the ground for the winter with a thick layer of mulch and harvest in the spring when the ground thaws.

Tips- Soak seed 24 hours to hasten germination. Plant a few radish seeds with the parsnips to help mark the rows. This is helpful because they take 3 weeks to germinate. Requires adequate water, 1” per week for optimum growth.

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