Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel (Giant)

$ 36.95

Eager to start planting Spring vegetables this year? Easily fold this Poly Tunnel out to fulfill that desire while keeping your crops safe. Warming the soil, retaining humidity, and acting as a barrier against harsh weather and pests are just a few of the Easy Poly Tunnel’s great qualities. Whether planting early in Spring, extending your harvest through Autumn, or utilizing as a mini-greenhouse in the Summer, the Easy Poly Tunnel is the perfect product for the job. Made from rust-proof steel hoops and UV-stabilized, 150 micron heavy duty polyethylene, the Easy Poly Tunnel also features double drawstring ends for customizable moisture control and ventilation. The design of this product, an accordion-style build, allows you to both install and store with ease. 

Measures 118″L x 24″W x 18″H at full extension. 4.3lbs. “Giant” size makes the Easy Poly Tunnel great for larger plant use and for double rows.