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Growing Organic Food

by Tania L K Denckla. When Tania Denckla started to garden organically in the early 1900's, she couldn't find one source that gave her all the information she desired. So she started researching and compiling a database of the knowledge she felt she needed. After four years, she had a book. We're glad to see it came together because it's still hard to find a good, complete reference. And this one has it all! For each vegetable, herb, fruit or nut, she provides all the vital information - temperature for germination and growth, seed starting dates, soil, water, and fertilizer needs, planting depth, root depth, plant spacing, support and pruning (if needed), pests, diseases, companion plants, cultivation, harvest, and storage. She also describes outstanding varieties of each crop. Additionally, 140 pages address organic remedies for "macro and microdestructive agents" (bugs etc). Denckla has indeed created the reference she needed. Softcover 485pp