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Green Globe Improved Artichoke (85 days,Heirloom)

Heirloom - 1863
For a century and a half this choke has been the standard variety in the west. It produces an abundance of “chokes” over a number of years given the right environmental factors. Plants are dark green, of medium height, and buds are an elongated oval with somewhat spiny scales. 25 seeds.



Germination- 10-18 days

Indoors - 8-12 weeks before last frost 1/4” deep in 4” pots with soil temperatures 65-75 degrees. Before transplanting outside, a vernalization is required for growing in the north (zone 6 and below) to induce first year bud formation. Set the seedlings out for 10 days at temperatures of 45-50 degrees. Sow seeds in the fall if you live in zone 7 and above. Transplant at 3-4 feet apart ,after danger of frost has passed, into rows amended with lots of compost or aged manure

Harvest - just below the bud when they are firm and still closed

Tips - Artichokes are heavy feeders so fertilize well from the early stages of growth.



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