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Product Number: H768B

Metal Compost Bin - Gray

We've carried plastic compost bins for years and finally came to realize they are difficult to clean and the plastic seems to absorb odors over the years. This attractive metal bin was our solution. Nostalgic, similar to the galvanized cans from years ago, it is a handy item to have around the house to discard vegetable scraps and large enough to hold a generous amount before dumping onto the compost pile. It is also functional and practical enough to store pet food, bird seed, flour and grains. The metal tins have a painted enamel finish in olive, cream and gray, trimmed in black on the top and bottom rim, with a sturdy handles on each side and on the top of the lid make it easy to carry and remove the top lid. Measures 9.3" h. x 9.3" w. x 9.6" l.
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