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Gloriette Radish (25 days, F1 Hybrid )

If you are looking for uniformity and quality in your radish planting this is the choice candidate.They produce large scarlet globes that are slow at becoming pithy, displaying great heat tolerance; we were able to harvest for a few weeks out of the same planting.  100 seeds




Germination- 5-7 days

Outdoors- Sow 1/2” deep, 1/2 -1” apart in early spring. Thin to 1-2’ apart, soon after they emerge

Harvest- 3-4 weeks after planting at 1” in diameter, pull them promptly as they rapidly decline becoming tough and pithy

Tips- They need rapid growth for optimum results, provided by fertile soil and consistent moisture. For continuous harvest make successive planting every 7-10 days when weather is still cool.

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