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Product Number: 337-P

Gigante Di Inverno Spinach (55 days, Heirloom)


Germ 7-14 days
“Giant of Winter”. Broad and pointed wavy leaves grow in a compact upright habit. It grows well when sown in the chilly temperatures of very early spring and also a perfect choice for late summer and fall plantings, due to its extreme cold tolerance. 75 seeds


Outdoors- Sow 1/2” deep, thin to 3-6” in early spring when soil temperatures reach 45 degrees. Sow late summer for fall harvests. Sow in the fall and cover with mulch for an early spring crop.

Harvest- The leaves at anytime starting with baby greens at 3” or the entire plant before it bolts.

Tips- Providing nitrogen and consistent water during growth produces the most optimum plants. Sow heavy seeded rows every 10-14 days for baby greens using the 1 oz. Pinetree spinach mix for a season long supply.

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