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Product Number: BL904

Giant Tomatoes

By Marvin H. Meisner, MD. In this book you learn how to grow tomatoes for their size and yields. While some techniques are the same in growing your garden tomatoes this book will show you how to maximize your common eating tomato into a huge fair winning prize! It tells about Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey winner in the giant tomato category with her 6.16 lb prize who also developed Big Zac, a hybrid tomato that most serious giant tomato growers plant each year or Gordon Grahams 7.75 lb prize tomato. This book will help you through selecting your seeds, preparing the soil, timing, protecting, pruning, how to store your big tomato, problems, saving seeds, common growing mistakes and some basic recipes. This has great color photos throughout the book showing prize winning tomatoes and how to grow them. Softcover 150pp
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