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German Chamomile

Matricaria recutita

This 15 inch tall, feathery-leaved plant is best known for its apple-like flavor and fragrance. Used in teas and medicinally as a sedative, nerve tonic, and skin cleanser. It has remarkable properties as a companion plant in making compost due to an affinity with calcium.  800 seeds




Germination:  10-14 days

Seed Planting Depth: Sow on surface, lightly press into soil.

Starting Indoors/Outdoors:   Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Provide 65-70 degrees soil temperatures.Transplant 8-12 " apart. Sow outdoors in spring when soil temperature reaches 65-70 degrees. Sow a few seeds every 1-2" , then thin to a few plants every 10-12".

Light  Needs:  Sun 

Soil Needs: Average to fertile, well drained. 

Uses: Medicinal, attracts bees and beneficials 

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