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Gardensoxx ***Sold Out***

Plant anywhere and everywhere! Fill these unique mesh tubes with soil and grow high-yields of berries, herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Try mass planting along a driveway, around trees, patios or raised beds, and cover with mulch for curbside appeal. The soxx is made from recycled polymer mesh material that is strong and stretchy; it provides proper moisture, drainage and air circulation. The low maintenance, compact tube keeps the soil intact, disease free, and requires no weeding. Simply cable tie on end of the tube and fill with desired growing medium (approximately 1.25 cubic feet) and tie the other end closed with the remaining cable tie. Customize by cutting holes the size of the root mass of your plants in the placement you want, place the plant into the hole and cover so no roots are exposed and water as needed. Your 30-minute garden is complete! Two cable-ties and suggestions for planting schemes are included. Compact and portable, it makes one 3' L x 8" W planter suitable for organic growers and lasts for 2+ seasons.
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