Fiesta del Sol Tithonia

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This Tithonia got an All-America award for the year 2000. The grower reports that plants do not exceed 3 feet but ours got quite a bit taller than that. What struck us most about Fiesta Del Sol was that it bloomed early, abundantly, and then continued to bloom throughout the summer. The 3-inch daisy-like orange flowers are very attractive in bouquets. Bees and butterflies love them too! 

15 seeds

Fiesta del Sol Tithonia


Tithonia rotundifolia


Germination: 7-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-80ºF

Seed Planting Depth: Sow on the surface, seeds need light to germinate

Starting Indoors: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Provide 70-80ºF soil temperatures until germination. Transplant 12-24” apart after the last frost.

Sowing Outdoors: Direct sow outdoors after the last frost, only in areas with long growing seasons

Growth Habit:  Upright, branching

Height and Width: 3-5’ x 2-3’

Spacing: 12-24” apart

Light Needs: Full sun

Soil Needs: Average to poor, dry, well-drained

Approximate days to flower from seed: Blooms in 85-90 days

Uses: Cut flowers, beds and back of borders, cottage gardens, containers and planters, attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, drought tolerant, deer resistant

Care:  Deadhead to encourage more flower production. Over-fertilizing will produce plants with more foliage than flowers. Tall plants can benefit from staking.