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Farm Steady Fermented Vegetable Kit

Discover the joys of fermenting your own food! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s amazingly healthy.  This kit is perfect for both beginners and well-experienced fermenters. The fermentation weight is a heavy glass weight that keeps your vegetables fully submerged during fermentation.  A hole in the weight allows ease when putting it in the jar and removing it. Using an airlock means that you don't have to worry about "burping" your ferment.  The equipment is all reusable so you can keep experimenting with different items. Great for lacto-pickles, kraut, kimchi and more!  Kit includes: ½ gallon glass fermenting jar, airlock, glass fermentation weight, grommeted plastic lid, and kosher salt. (Not included fresh vegetables.) Prep time 15-30 minutes. Ready in 1 week. Made in the USA.

Written instructions are not included.

Review instructions online and watch how-to videos at: farmsteady.com/instructions

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