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Eco Picnic Pack

Your greening efforts won’t go unnoticed with this natural biodegradable 6 person place setting. Unlike single-use paper plates each of these 10” dinner plates/bowls are made from single fallen Areca palm leaf, a renewable raw material that is sturdy, leak-proof, pliable and naturally biodegradable making each one unique in color and texture. Chemical-free there is no glue, dye or polish used -- only sterilized by high heat and water. They can be reused multiple times with careful handling and eventually can be thrown in the compost pile or yard waste. Biodegradable, certified birch wooden forks, knives and spoons and biodegradable Wysi wipes complement the set. The wipes come as compact tablets that expand to a durable 9” square napkin with the addition of water. This earth-friendly set includes: 6 palm leaf plates/bowls, 6 birch wood fork, knife & spoon sets and 12 Wysi napkins.
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