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Eco Lunch Box ***Sold Out***

Say goodbye to plastic baggies and other pre-packaged containers that are filling our landfills at a tremendous rate. This stainless steel three-in-one set includes three compartments: the bottom is 1 1/2” deep to fit a small sandwich, the middle compartment is 1 1/2” deep and can store cut fruit, dry snacks, salad or other side dishes and within this section a 1” deep x 4” wide small lidded compartment to hold yogurt or dressings all nestled together. The lid clamps onto the beveled edge holding the set securely and when opened the top can serve as a tray. Made of lead free, stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and will not stain or retain odors or residues. Not insulated, so it’s appropriate to use with an ice pack. Not for use in the microwave. When closed it measures: 4” w. x 5 ½” l. x 3” h.
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