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Petunia - White Easy Wave

Blooms are a clear, clean white. This particular variety is a very vigorous grower and a single plant will quickly fill a 10 inch basket. By season's end the vines are hanging more than 2 feet. Without any maintenance at all our White Wave baskets still look terrific in late September. Petunia seeds are very small and need light to germinate. Spread the seed on top of damp soil and press in gently before watering. Cover the container with clear plastic and place in a warm (70* to 85*F), bright area. DO NOT place in direct sunlight. Seeds should begin to sprout in 7 to 10 days. Remove the plastic and move to a bright, cooler (60* to 65*F) area. You may put petunias under fluorescent lights until they are ready to transplant outside, just keep lights 4" to 6" above the plants, raising the lights as the plants grow. 10 seeds pelleted