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Easy Green Living

The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices For You and Your Home. By Renee Loux. Renee is an author and celebrated organic chef, who works as an advisor for large companies, spas and hotels. She demonstrates that being green at home is easy, affordable, and better in every sense of the word. She discusses the daily choices in keeping our homes clean without toxins and avoiding cleaning products with hazardous ingredients. This book provides you with complete simple, easy information on how to be green. By checking your own home - did you know that most water heaters are set at 140 degrees, and which is just a waste - it is too hot for household needs. If everyone just turned it down 10 degrees. It would save about 600 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. You can also look at labels and buy more eco-friendly products, or make your own safe cleaners. She provides you with top product information with their web sites and where they are available, also what is safe and what is not. This book is a great guide that will help explain all the overwhelming information out there today. Softcover 396 pp Pub at $25.00