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From garden to kitchen, these recipes and techniques will show you how to harvest, can, ferment, and pasteurize your bounty into practical and creative juices, syrups, beverages, wines, meads, specialty drinks, and teas. Gain the confidence to get creative with the contents of your own plot of land and take your garden to an amazing level of productivity to fill your larder. The variety of recipes is a starting point to encourage you to think outside the juice box. With helpful tips and accurate total processing times, you can take the stress out of these procedures in planning for them during your busy week. Helpful hints throughout the book will show you how to plan your harvest year round, the equipment used, processing, bottling, and storing your bounty. Like the vegetable blended juice in the store? Make your own version with the Sensational 7 Vegetable Drink or Peerless Pear Cider! What’s more delicious than a dark velvety Blueberry Basil Syrup over fresh biscuits or homemade pancakes? Expand your garden and explore new, flavorful, healthy creations.

Softcover – 224pp
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