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Dolichos lablab


If you've been to the restored gardens and farm of Thomas Jefferson in Virginia, then you'll know this as "the legend of Monticello's bean arbor." Jefferson constructed this colossal extravagance to grow and enjoy this beautiful, free-spirited annual. More vigorous and adventurous in its growth habit than the Scarlet Runner Bean, the Hyacinth Bean produces large spiked clusters of bi-colored lavender/white flowers which are held out and above the foliage on long, straight stems. Mature pods are a lovely purple, and the seeds are an interesting chocolate brown with a white lobe. ." Warning: The dry seeds of this bean contain cyanogenic glucosides in toxic amounts. Asian cooks treat the seeds to remove the toxins, but unless you are very familiar with the process, it is best not to eat them.

12 seeds 

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