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DASH SPINACH (F1 hybrid 39 days)


Germ 7-14 days
This extra early hybrid also is very tolerant of cool weather so it is an ideal choice for both very early and very late plantings. The upright, spade shaped, medium green leaves are both smooth and delicious. 75 seeds


Outdoors- Sow 1/2” deep, thin to 3-6” in early spring when soil temperatures reach 45 degrees. Sow late summer for fall harvests. Sow in the fall and cover with mulch for an early spring crop.

Harvest- The leaves at anytime starting with baby greens at 3” or the entire plant before it bolts.

Tips- Providing nitrogen and consistent water during growth produces the most optimum plants. Sow heavy seeded rows every 10-14 days for baby greens using the 1 oz. Pinetree spinach mix for a season long supply.