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Cumin is an important spice in curries and Indian cuisine with a distinctive flavor and aroma. Cumin requires a long, warm growing season, around 110-120 days for seed harvesting, so start indoors in the North.   

100 seeds 




Cuminum cyminum


Germination: 7-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 65-70ºF

Seed Planting Depth:  Sow 1/4” deep

Starting Indoors: Start indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost. Sow a few seeds per cell/pot. Thin to the strongest seedling. Using peat, cow, or paper pots can help with the stress of transplanting, they grow delicate roots and successful transplanting may be challenging. Transplant seedlings out mid/late spring, 4-6” apart. 

Sowing Outdoors: Mid spring when the soil temperature reaches 60-65ºF. Sow 1-2" apart, thin to 4-6 " apart. 

Growth Habit: Upright, branching

Height and Width: 12” x 12”

Spacing: 4-6” apart

Light Needs: Full sun 

Soil Needs: Cumin needs fertile, sandy loam, well-drained soil 

Flowering: 110-120 days 

Harvest: The seeds change color, turning brown and the plant dies back. To collect the seeds cut the entire  stem and hang upside down in a paper bag 

Uses: Culinary, medicinal, flowers attract bees and beneficial insects

Care: Water well during dry weather but allow the soil to dry out between waterings