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Cow Pots 6 Cell Flats (3 Pack)

“The Pots You Plant” are made of dried, composted, pressed cow manure that fully decomposes with no waste or odor, providing nitrogen-rich fertilizer to your plant. In our trials, it promoted robust growth and a strong root system while avoiding stress on the plants. Within 3-4 weeks of being planted, they dissolve and continuously feed the plants with nutrients, attracting worms and overall better growth. Cow pots are the invention of the Freund brothers who are dairy farmers in the northwest hills of Connecticut. Made in USA.

The flat measures 6" wide by 9" long with 6 individual cells measuring: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3" deep.

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    I recommend this product

    Nice for transitioning seedlings, or starting sensitive seeds

    I read about these last year after dealing with peat pots that disintegrated when they got too wet, but then stayed around in the ground (after tearing the rim off at ground level). I haven't had a chance to plant them yet, but so far, they are promising. The plants that I direct seeded in them are growing very well. And transplanted seedlings are doing well too. I just have to wait a few more weeks for the first frost date to pass. They say they don't smell. When they are dry, that's true. But when they are wet, there is a slight barnyard scent to them (only to those with sensitive noses; my wife didn't notice it). A little air movement gets rid of that, though. The other downside is a sticky one. Literally. The cow pots tend to stick together when packaged and require a gentle touch to separate (without tearing). I found the technique that worked best was to gently insert a finger down the side between two of them, working around the outside of the six pack and then gently pulling each pot, again working around the six pack. If they don't come apart, go around again with your finger to make sure they've broken loose. You usually have to make a few passes to get them loose. After you've done one six pack, you get a feel for it and subsequent six packs come apart more quickly.