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Esscenta Wrist DIY Diffuser Bracelet

Enhance your mood with this DIY diffuser bracelet! Natural porous lava stones provide the perfect way to absorb your favorite essential oils. Just add a drop or two to one of the lava beads and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits all day. Lava rocks are rich in minerals from deep in the earth’s core. They can be used for grounding and making a connection with the earth. The amazonite natural gemstone beads vary in color and blend nicely with the black lava beads. Amazonite gives a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace. The set includes instructions, 18 lava beads (8 mm), 9 amazonite beads (8mm), approximately 24” of stretch cord, and three essential oils. Lavender promoting feelings of relaxation, peppermint providing alertness, and lemon uplifting and energizing. Design and customize your own bracelet. Wear your therapeutic bracelet all day long to provide healing properties from both the gemstones and essential oils. Fits most wrists up to 9”.