Citronella Lemon Balm

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Bursting with a relaxing, soothing scent, this is the most fragrant, flavorful variety available. A lush, bushy growth habit with flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Use Citronella Lemon Balm in herbal teas, fruit, and fish dishes, or plant in a pot as a mosquito repellent for your outdoor sitting area.  

50 seeds


Melissa officinalis

Perennial, Zones 4-9

Germination: 7-21 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 65-75ºF

Seed Planting Depth: Sow on the surface, seeds need light to germinate

Starting Indoors:  Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Provide 65-75ºF soil temperature for germination. Transplant 12-18” apart after the last frost. 

Sowing Outdoors: Direct sow 2 weeks before the last frost or in autumn. Sow a few seeds every 6-8" apart, thin to the most robust seedling, 12-18” apart, or sow seeds close together in a row and when thinning out the seedlings transplant them to other places in the garden. 

Growth Habit: Upright branching

Height and Width: 36-48” x 24-36”  

Spacing: 12-18” apart

Light Needs: Full sun, part shade in hot climates

Soil Needs: Average to fertile, well-drained. 

Approximate days to harvest: 65-70 days or earlier, when the plant has grown large enough, harvest the leaves before the plant blooms.

Uses: Medicinal, culinary, ornamental, deer resistant, ideal for containers and small spaces, attracts bees and beneficals