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Product Number: W239

Chioggia Beet (55 days, Heirloom)


Germ 5-10 days
Italian Heirloom
This Italian heirloom comes to us from the romantic fishing town, Chioggia, on the Adriatic coast. This beet is lovely and unique, alternating rings of white and bright pink. The exterior skin is a bright candy red. The tops are small, all green and have a particularly fine flavor. Fairly early and flavor is exceptionally sweet. 100 seeds



Indoors – 1/2” deep, 4-6 weeks before the last heavy frost. Sow into individual cells, transplant out as soon as possible (when first true leaves appear.) 3” apart in early spring, as soon as soil can be worked.

Outdoors- Early spring 1/2” deep 1-2” apart with soil temperatures at 50 degrees. Soaking seed overnight aids in germination. Thin seedlings to 3-4” apart.

Harvest- Begin picking at 1” for baby beets and up to 3” across for the most tender and best tasting. For best storage cut off the greens 2” above the top of the beet.

Tip - Use the thinnings for beet greens or plant a heavily seeded row for baby beet greens. Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous harvest

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sweet beet

I tried this last year and it was great. I started some inside and some direct seeded, both grew well. The greens are excellent and the beets are so sweet. When I boiled them they did loose most of their lines but the taste was exceptional . I left a couple in way too long, almost tennis ball size, and I thought they would be tough and woody but they were not. They were still sweet and tender. This is a great beet

Lorrin Pickens
Saint Marys, WV

The Chioggia Beet Is So Good!

I have planted and enjoyed the Chioggia beets for several years. These beets are really sweet and have great flavor. And the tops I use like cooked spinach. Other beets tops I do not like but the Chioggia tops are delicious. One way I enjoy Chioggia beets is to parboil until nearly done and the outside skins can be removed. Then I slice them about 1/3rd inch thick and saute the slices in butter or olive oil until somewhat browned. Delicious! I also like to take the regular red beets and add some of the Chioggia beets and can them as pickled beets.

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