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Anthriscus cerefolium

The leaves and flavor resemble parsley, but with a hint of anise. Its leaves taste best before flowering, so pinch off blooms for a continuous supply. Chervil grows most succesfully in the cooler weather of spring and fall. Self-sows generously. Grows 1 to 2 feet high.    350 seeds





Germination:  10-14 days

Seed Planting Depth: Sow on surface, press into soil.

Starting Indoors/Outdoors: Direct sowing outdoors early to mid spring is most successful. Sow a few seeds every 1-2" when soil reaches 60 degress, thining  to 6" apart. Start indoors 6-8 weeks  before last frost using peat,cow,or paper pots(grows a delicate taproot, successful transplanting may be difficult) or plan to transplant before seedling get to large. Provide 60-65 degrees soil temperatures.

Light  Needs:  Sun to part sun

Soil Needs: Fertile and moist

Uses: Culinary

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