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Product Number: 400

CELEBRITY TOMATO (F1 hybrid 78 days)


VF1 & 2NT Determinate. This 1984 All America Winner has performed extremely well in our trials. Though listed as determinate, the vine is pretty long and will benefit from some support. They tolerate a number of diseases. Fruits are large, flattened globes, many well over a pound. Flavor, color, and texture are first rate. 15 seeds.


Indoors- 6 weeks before last frost, 1/4” deep with soil temperatures 75 degrees. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Transplant out 24-36” apart after last frost when soil is 55-60 degrees and night temperatures are over 45 degrees.

Harvest- When fruit is red (or color of the variety planted) and firm.

Tips- Plant in fertile soil, amended with compost, mulch and provide even moisture. Plant deeper than they were growing in the containers as it makes a stronger roots system. Apply a light compost tea every few weeks. Do not apply excessive nitrogen, which can promote excessive foliage and poor fruit set.

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Charles W.
United States

Celebrity tomato seeds

Have raised this tomato for over 5 years and still think they are one of the best. Wish I could also have purchased Supersonic which I feel is #1! Chuck Walsh

SW corner of AZ, 5000 ft elevation

The only hybrid I routinely grow

I grow Celebrity hybrid tomatoes because my husband likes them better than most. I've found a few heirlooms that he also likes and have tried lots of other varieties that he considers no better than supermarket tomatoes, which he won't eat. No variety produces well every year in this high desert climate, but Celebrity is as reliable as any other standard-size tomato I've grown. (Cherry tomatoes are generally easier to grow in this area but we prefer Celebrity flavor.) Celebrity's flavor is great, even when I grow the plants in pots in my greenhouse during winter. (Some heirlooms taste fine when grown outside in the summer but are relatively tasteless when grown in pots on carts that I move outside on nice days.) I wish they were open pollinated so I could save seed, but I hope you will continue to supply Celebrity Hybrid tomato seed.

Joyce L.
United States

Good seed germination

My experience with seed germination has been very good. The little plants are growing vigorously, too. This is one of my favorite kinds of tomato.

Eric Miller

Celebrity Tomato

This is a favorite every year. We experiment with different varieties, but always include celebrities for slicing, salsas, and salads.

Carol Haldeman

favorite tomato

always dependable, great taste, good size for slicing.

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