Cascadia Snap Pea (60 Days)

$ 2.75
Size: Conventional

The Cascadia Snap Pea is very sweet and tender, almost stringless. Earliness is also a virtue. 3” pods are carried on 30” vines with heavy yields. Highly recommended, an exceptional snap pea. A great choice for a late summer sowing. Resists powdery mildew and pea enation mosaic virus.

1 Ounce = 110-130 seeds




Pisum sativum

Germination: 7-14 days

Germination Temperature: Cascadia Snap Pea optimum soil temperature is 50-75ºF. Planting in cooler soil results in slower germination.

Seed Sowing Depth: 1" deep

Sowing Outdoors: Early spring until last frost date when soil temperature reaches 50-75ºF. Sow 1-2" apart. Sow two months before last frost date for smaller fall harvests.

How much does a packet plant: 12-15 foot single row

Harvest- Pick every day for continuous harvest.

Tips- Adding inoculant with rhizobium bacteria will increase yields. Varieties with vine lengths over 3 feet require support.